About Empson Canada

Empson (Canada) is a leading National premium wines distributor with an outstanding collection of superior estate wines from Italy, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. Empson (Canada) was formed in 2001 with its head office based out of Calgary, Alberta.

Empson & Co is a global company, distributing wines in over 20 countries around the world. The company was founded by Neil and Maria Empson in 1972 and is headquartered in Milan, Italy.

Our Passion

Our passion is for discovering and representing truly premium -- predominantly family-owned -- estate wines, and enabling more people to find them, enjoy them, and learn about them.

Empson (Canada) works diligently to provide first class service to its Canadian retail, restaurant, and licensee channels by building the best premium wines collection in the industry, and through ensuring maximum product/value rations and continuity of supply. Clients can depend on superior selection, consistent high quality, and access to knowledge and support.

The estates that are selected carry the Empson personal guarantee of quality under the Neil Empson Selections banner.

The Empson (Canada) Team relishes the opportunity to participate in wine expos and tastings, to introduce the public to the brands of which we are so proud. From educating the novice wine drinker to impressing the sommelier, Empson will have a wine worth talking about!

Company Story


Who knows where the Italian wine industry would be today without Neil & Maria Empson?

Arriving in Milan in 1970, it became apparent to the couple that few, if any, of the wonderful wines they were discovering ever reached the merchants abroad. Discerning palates the world over did not realize they were being denied most of the truly fine Italian wines, the majority of which did not even get beyond the border.

Neil Empson Selections was formed and many small scale premium producers were persuaded to export their vinous gems. In so doing, Neil and Maria established a worldwide reputation for developing Italy's premium wines as well as the export segment.

For more than 38 years, the Empsons have set the Italian industry on the road to international fame and are still at the forefront of development, adding exciting new producers to an unparalleled portfolio as they are discovered.

New World

In 1852, on the South Island of New Zealand, Neil Empson's great grandfather, Charles Empson, planted the first vineyards in the Marlborough region on a farm known as "Meadowbank." Neil Empson himself was born in the famous agricultural district of Waikato in 1939 and educated at Auckland's Sacred Heart College. His gentleman farmer forebears passed on a legacy of respect for the soil and dedication to excellence. The charisma, humor and unique talent for understanding fine wine were his own.

Neil Empson has always been connected to his "Kiwi" roots and this is represented by his commitment to import the finest offerings from his native country, along with great estates from Australia and the United States. He has carefully cultivated a portfolio inclusive of only the top estates and winemakers from select regions.

Mirroring his philosophy and commitment to New Zealand, Neil Empson has hand- selected our Australian and United States portfolio, focusing on premium, high quality estate wines. The new world portfolio represents quality wines from Australia, United States and New Zealand that are unrivaled in the wine industry today.

Empson in North America:

  • Empson (U.S.A.), Inc established in 1992. Head Office is located in Washington, DC.
  • Meadowbank Estates established in 2000. It is a sales division of Empson (USA) devoted to the wines of New Zealand and Australia.
  • Empson (Canada), Inc established in 2001. Head Office is located in Calgary, Alberta.